I am the Senior Advisor for the Public Interest Technology program at New America, where I work on getting governments to solve problems using real time data, design with users, and a focus on delivering services .

My newest book is Power to the Public: The Promise of Public Interest Technology, co-authored with Tara McGuinness, published by Princeton University Press in April 2021. Podcaster and former leader of the free world, President Barack Obama, recently tweeted his support of the book.

And, I got the chance to testify in front of Congress on IT modernization and the pandemic response.

I am also a car crash and traumatic brain injury survivor, which led me to learn that cars are designed to protect men first, and women sometimes. Really. The NBC Evening News featured our story and does a great job explaining the issue.

My job is based in DC but I live in Brooklyn, NY, which means that I am constantly being misunderstood. I’ve got a DC in job in a place where everyone writes or mounts plays or does stuff with other people’s money (Also apparently called banking. I don’t know any bankers, but I hear banking is a big industry in New York.).

When I tell people in NYC what I do they think it’s weird, and they just want to know if I’ve read that piece in the New Yorker. When I’m in DC people think my job is normal, but want to know which badges I have.

I don’t care about badges, though it’s hard not to get into that competitive proximity to power game that DC loves. Yes, I have read that piece in the New Yorker.

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