Want to hear more on why the $2T CARES act rollout was a mess?

If we weren’t in the middle of a crisis I would write my own witty copy for this, but between trying to help with the pandemic response in different ways, pointing out where and why the response isn’t working, and living through the pandemic, there is no longer enough time in my days for wittyContinue reading “Want to hear more on why the $2T CARES act rollout was a mess?”

DC Book Event!

We’ll be Solid State Books on June 28th, discussing THE AMBITION DECISIONS with Rebecca Rosen, Senior Editor at The Atlantic (who edited the original Ambition Interviews series). Read more about the event >>

ParentMap Interview

ParentMap is running a series on how women think about ambition, inspired by The Ambition Decisions. For their first piece, they interviewed me on ambition, writing, parenting, and my ground-breaking decision not to send back the MANDATORY school communications survey this year. Read the whole interview>>

What It’s Like to Be Legally Blind Around the World

For a recent article for GOOD’s Project Literacy section, I got the chance to speak with people around the world who are working to help educate visually impaired kids.  As the mother of a child who is visually impaired, I don’t think I’ve ever felt as grateful to live in the United States as I did afterContinue reading “What It’s Like to Be Legally Blind Around the World”